Sep 8, 2007

Can I breathe yet?

The Yanks edged the Royals in a 3-2 nailbiter. Arod and Posada jumped on Meche early with two solo shots in the 2nd, only for KC to come right back with two of their in the bottom half against Ian Kennedy.

Both pitchers escaped jams and had to pitch to an extremely inconsistent strike zone (remember that 3-2 pitch to Gathright in the 1st inning? It was called a ball yet there were numerous pitches worse than that called strikes). There was also Robbie Cano being called out on a 3-2 inside changeup that was clearly a ball. Just absolutely ridiculous. Marty Foster is a horrible umpire that shouldn't be anywhere near the postseason.

Kennedy escaped trouble in the first two innings but settled down after that, pitching to just two over the minimum in innings three through five.

Bobby Abreu had the clutch hit of the night, scoring Jeter from first one a double to left center (off a lefty no less).

But perhaps the biggest story was one fan in attendance, Joba Chamberlain's father Harlan. He had polio as a kid and is wheelchair bound. Joba grew up in Nebraska (not too far from KC) so Harlan and the Chamberlain family drove up to attend the game. Joba nearly gave up the lead on a deep fly ball (off the bat of Billy Butler) which would have been heartbreaking, but it stayed in park and Damon made a nice running catch on the warning track.

The unsung hero was Kyle Farnsworth, who pitched a perfect two-strikeout inning and got the win. Mo pitched a dominant 9th - a weak groundout, an infield popup and a strikeout.

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