Sep 1, 2007

I have to admit I was disappointed in Hughes last night

And I've felt that way since he came off the DL (save for the Cleveland game). I do however, see the greatness that was heaped upon him in the minors. Last night, if that 4th pitch (curveball) to Iwamura rolls fair (instead of just foul) and they get the easy out, I think he goes on to have a very good game. I have no evidence for that, just a feeling, because those first 4 pitches looked outstanding. Unfortunately, his next pitch was a hanging curve that Iwamura lined for a double.

The good news is that his velocity was better last night, seeming to average 91-92, topping out at 94. He just didn't have great command (again) which is strange because that was his forte in the minors. And that's really been his biggest problem so far, command - he's walking too many guys and falling behind often in counts.

But I feel it's mostly a matter of adjusting to the Bigs, being the youngest pitcher in MLB, and having all the injuries this season. I wouldnt be surprised if Hughes didn't have a truly great year until 2009-10. I do think he'll be fine (whether it's next year or in '09), but this year seems unlikely. In short, I see flashes of greatness, but not the consistency to match it yet.

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