Sep 12, 2007

Various stuff

- Phil Hughes pitched well and won his 3rd game of the year. The YES gun had Hughes at 90-93 mph most of the game, with a few 94s (mostly in the earlier innings). Despite getting saved by some good defense in the 2nd (from Damon and Melky), he still pitched very well, and quite frankly, that good luck makes up for some of the bad luck he’s suffered through in a lot of previous starts. With more experience will come better command, and if he can go 6 ip, 1 er with inconsistent command, imagine when he has his terrific command - which from his minor league career we know can be truly exceptional.

- WCBS Radio in New York conducted a good interview with Cash Money. He talks about Ross Ohlendorf (among others), who made his ML debut tonight, pitching a perfect inning with a strikeout. His velocity was good, ranging from 90-95, and showed a sharp slider.

- The NFL will penalize the Patriots for 'spying' on the Jets during their 38-14 win on Sunday. It makes you wonder how long they've been doing this. They won three Super Bowls by an average of 3 points. Did spying occur in those games, and if it did, did it make the difference?... Hopefully they get hit hard, as in a loss of all their 2008 draft picks, a forfeit of last week's game, fines and suspensions.

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