Sep 22, 2007

Four runs in one inning

Zero in the other 13.

So many ifs -
The Yanks may have won this game IF:
They scratch across one run in any inning besides the 9th.
Edwar doesn't serve up a HR to the third batter he faced.
Posada holds onto Abreu's tremendous throw.
Melky reaches base once instead of going 0-5.
The ump doesn't call a pitch in the lefty batter's box a strike to end the game.

But it really falls on Brian Bruney, who everyone knew would lose the game when he started the 14th. He was lucky to just give up one run - the first batter struck out on ball four.

Anyway, it ain't all bad because before that, Mo pitched great, Joba walked someone but that was the only baserunner he allowed in two innings (while k'ing four). And Wang pitched a helluva game, going pitch for pitch with Halladay until the 7th. Plus, Anaheim lost while Cleveland won, and I'd much rather play the Tribe without homefield advantage than have homefield against the Angels. And that's what the scenario would be if the playoffs started tomorrow.

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