Dec 4, 2007

Deal off, for now

- Santana could fall into Boston's lap.

- The Yanks may now go after Dan Haren. Shoot me please.

- But I wouldn't be totally averse to trading for Miggy Cabrera to play 1b. What about Kennedy, Melky, Horne and Ajax/Tabata? Knowing how much Florida wants though, that would never happen.

- Had time to watch some of Albaladejo (heard it pronounced both Alba-la-dayo and Alba-la-day-ho). Thoughts posted soon...
--> Has a nice, easily repeatable delivery similar to San Diego's Chris Young. A fastball with very good movement and command, 89-93. Two breaking balls: a hard slider that he commands well, 78-83, a sharp curve with slightly inferior command, 72-76, and an average (at best) changeup (84 mph). Overall, I like him a lot - great control, good command, very good size and decent stuff equals a solid middle/late reliever. Actually, he's similar to Chris Britton in size and repertoire but better.

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