Dec 24, 2007

The Giants went AWOL in the first quarter

but outscored Buffalo 38-7 after that. This was Ahmad Bradshaw's breakout game (his 88-yard TD run was the longest in the NFL this year!) - he finally got a chance to show his immense talent when Brandon Jacobs sprained his ankle. If it was a coaching decision I would have asked, 'What took so long?', but it wasn't so I can't even give them credit for it. This will hopefully vault the Giants into a tandem RB system where Bradshaw shares carries with Jacobs.
Sportsline sums up my thoughts well in a non-typical article based on tonight's game. Best part:

There is no way to sugar-coat this one: Manning stunk, though he was handicapped by the elements.

Nevertheless, it's hard to escape the facts, and the facts are these: In his last five starts Manning completed 45 percent of his passes, with five touchdowns and eight interceptions. OK, so he's 3-2, but let's be honest here: The Giants won Sunday in spite of him.

They won because Jacobs and Bradshaw combined for 296 yards rushing. They won because linebacker Kawika Mitchell and cornerback Corey Webster returned second-half interceptions for touchdowns. They won because their defense allowed 118 yards on Buffalo's last 14 possessions after surrendering 126 on the Bills' first two.

They did not win because of Manning.

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