Dec 6, 2007

Lincecum for a 'good bat' part II

Tim Lincecum is on the block, and the Giants are thinking about trading him to Toronto for Alex Rios. If San Fran's willing to do that, let's one up them. Since the Yanks are talking about trading Hideki Matsui to the Giants*, would Matsui, Ajax, Horne and Agon be enough to net Lincecum? Even though we'd be giving up a lot (starting LF/DH, best CF prospect, high ceiling power pitcher and slick fielding shortstop), I'd make that trade in a second. Despite Lincecum's small stature (5'10", 155 lbs.), funky delivery and large workload, at worst he would be a great set-up man (ala 2007 Joba). He even wears Matsui's number (55) so it would be an easy uniform swap.

*3:45 p.m., from Jayson Stark
A source says the Giants did call the Yankees about Hideki Matsui. They're offering their starting pitchers (Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain or Noah Lowry) for bats, but they are just exploring to see if there is a match. Matsui has a full no-trade clause, and it isn't known whether he would waive it to go to San Francisco or anywhere else.
But Pete Abe says that Matsui would waive his no-trade clause if the Yankees asked.

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