Dec 4, 2007

Santana to the Sawx?

via BPro, for Jon Lester, Justin Masterson, Ryan Kalish and 'a centerfielder.' Unless the CFer is Ellsbury, this is a steal for Boston. Sucks.

Hopefully Anaheim swoops in and steals him.

Not related to the Yanks but this is major baseball news - apparently the Tigers and Marlins are nearing a blockbuster eight player deal including Miguel Cabrera and D-Train going to Detroit and Cam Maybin and Andrew Miller (and others) to Florida. (I wouldn't mind that move at all. Cabrera's a great hitter but Dontrelle in the AL could suck - Miller and Maybin are stars in the making.)

Done. Wow! Happened so fast. This is how most trades go down - not the insanity of the Yanks and Sawx going for the same guy.

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