Dec 19, 2007

No surprise, the Yanks raise ticket prices

First off, the Yanks are scheduled to close the season out on the road. This will be the last year at the Stadium. Does anyone in MLB have a brain?

Now on to my feelings on higher prices:

Attendance and expenses rise every year so it's hard to blame MLB clubs for raising prices. That said, it’s really unfortunate, but each year I’ve been going to less and less games - the hassle of getting there (either by car or subway (and especially now living in Philly)) with 50,000 other people, paying $5 for a dog, $8 for a beer (although I generally bring my own food, even sneaking in alcohol), sitting through the endless and intrusive music/commercials/canned ‘make-some-noise’ PA coercions (the sports equivalent of talk-show 'Applause' signs - and I can't tell you how many times those have killed real, organic fan chants), possibly sitting through rain delays (I have a knack for those) or weather ranging from boiling hot to freezing cold, to then the hassle of getting out of there with the same 50,000 people. Oh, and dropping anywhere from $10 to $150 per ticket. Perhaps I come off like an asshole but I far more enjoy sitting home on my comfy couch with a cold beer/soda, getting dinner delivered, and watching the game in HD on my DVR (where I fastforward through all the commercials) and saving that money. You see the game better on TV anyway and get the benefit of replays.

I’m sure though they’ll get 4 million+ fans yet again, but at some point the prices will get too high and sports stadiums will be filled entirely with luxury boxes while average fans like you and me watch from home. As you can tell from the paragraph above, I'm not crying about it, but it will suck to watch games on TV with no fans - strange to think about.

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Marissa said...

that fictional characters link you posted is hilarious!