Dec 3, 2007

Pettitte returns on a big day

Andy Pettitte will return to the 2008 Yankees! Way to go Andy - we really needed you more in 2008 than any other year. Now we're not in dire need of a southpaw starter - did you hear that, Hank? Pull the Hughes offer. Put in the original offer of Kennedy, Melky and a good minor-leaguer.

Pettitte must have been well aware of the Johan Santana discussions, knowing the Yanks had serious questions about their rotation and the need for a lefty.

10:25 and still no word on the Santana deal.

The Yanks and Twins are meeting tonight.

Considering all the wrong predictions I've made, it just feels like the trade is going to happen. >:(

Still no deal. The Twins again asked for Hughes, Melky
and Kennedy. The Yanks are threatening to pull out but it could just be posturing...

A Sawx official said the Yanks were 'very close' to landing Santana...

The Yanks traded Ty Clippard to the Nats for 25-year-old reliever Jon Albaladejo. Good trade for the Nats as Clip could immediately contend for a rotation spot. Albaladejo has a great minor league k/bb and bb rate (his groundball rate is also good). He dominated in 14 major league innings in September. There's definitely more upside for the Nats here, but Clip was never going to have a spot in the Bronx rotation.

They're still talking, and while the Twins have backed off Kennedy, they now want Horne AND Ajax in addition to Hughes and Melky. No f'in way, but I don't like that they're still talking. What happened to the deadline?

One last link - no progress on anything. Hopefully Minnesota realizes it's in their best interest to keep their top pitcher.

Quite a deadline from our fearless leader Hank Steinbrenner: "We'll sleep on it."

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