May 17, 2007

First the pitching,

now the hitting.

Meanwhile, Scranton's Tyler Clippard was pulled from tonight's start after one inning, and since Wang is scratched from Sunday's start, it looks as though T-Clip will make his major league debut in Shea Sunday night. A little background: Clippard is one those guys whose stats exceed his stuff. He led his league in strikeouts last year and even pitched a no-hitter. His best pitch is his changeup, and he has great command, but his fastball barely touches 92. He's struck out a ton of guys in the minors due to his command, so you'll see him k some guys on that fastball that grazes the inside corner or a well placed outside changeup.

Wow. The fifth rookie (counting Igawa) to make his ML debut, and it's only mid-May!

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