May 31, 2007

Guess what? More injuries

- Giambi's foot problems are finally landing him on the DL - he'll be there at least three weeks. Triple-A Scranton outfielder Kevin Thompson will be called up, Damon will become the primary DH and Melky will become the everyday centerfielder.

- Phil Hughes' hamstring problem was compounded when he sprained his ankle exercising in Tampa, setting his return back another four to six weeks (ugh).

- First Arod made the cover of the NY Post for going to a stripclub with a 'mystery blond,' then last night he yelled at Toronto's third-baseman causing him to drop an easy pop-up. Now his wife apparently moved out.
I don't doubt that he is/has cheated on his wife - he's a great, rich, good-looking baseball player (on the New York Yankees no less) who's out of town half the year (after all, I'm not naive). Arod must be jealous of Jeter (for more than one reason), but this is probably a big reason - no wife or family to worry about; he can sleep with any woman at any time and have (practically) no repercussions. His list of girlfriends (which doesn't even include Jessica Biel) is almost unmatched.
As for his 'bush league' play last night, I don't have a big problem with it. I'm sure I've seen plenty of other players do it over the years, but it happened to work this time because the third-baseman was a rookie. The Jays are ripping him, but do they remember Jason Phillips' shove of Josh Phelps that cost the Yanks the game on Tuesday? Or look at it this way: if Jeter pulled the same stunt, he'd be lauded for 'gamesmanship,' 'smart baseball' and the 'drive to win.' Arod is simply a lightning rod.

- Daisuke Matsuzaka had another poor start! I really wanted the Yanks to get him, but not so much now (and especially after the $51 million posting bid). Yeah, he's had a few great starts against mediocre teams, but he's been incredibly inconsistent (4.83 era) in what's normally the best season for Japanese imports (their first year). Mostly they fall off after their rookie campaign, so (fortunately) Matsuzaka might fare even worse next year. Of course, it's not good news for Kei Igawa either, who got rocked in his second minor league start on Tuesday (5 ip, 4 er). If both of these pitchers fail (to meet expectations), will it prevent outrageous posting fees in the future or dissuade other Japanese pitchers from entering the bigs? My guess, no and no.

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