May 4, 2007

When 11 runs aren't enough

I'm sure the probability of a team scoring 11 runs and losing is miniscule, like two percent. But not for Kei Igawa and the atrocious bullpen sported by the Yanks tonight (admittedly following a doubleheader).

Colter Bean's fifth inning was one of the worst relief outings you'll ever see: no outs, two hits, two walks, four earned runs. He entered and threw eight straight balls. Torre took him out after running a 2-0 count to his last batter (of 17 pitches, four were strikes).

Igawa couldn't get out of the fifth, and allowed three HRs and eight earned runs. His changeup that dives in to righties (when most dive away) was his death knell. Torre should have just let him take a beating to save the pen. And why not the recently recalled Chris Britton instead of Bean or Vizcaino (again)?

At least Mike Myers was able to save some of the other arms, going four innings with just one earned run. Through five weeks, he's already halfway to his 2006 innings total (30.2).

Here's to hoping Matt DeSalvo (who makes his major league debut on Monday) pitches well enough to knock Igawa out of the rotation. He's dominated Triple-A so far: 25.2 ip, 1.05 era, 23 k, 13 bb, 0 HR, .167 baa.

15-11 Seattle

Fortunately, tomorrow is Wang's turn. If you didn't know, he's one of the 'most influential people' in the world (I didn't know either). Going for Seattle is some guy named Jeff Weaver.

I'll be away next week so updates will be sparse.

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