May 18, 2007

Giambi admits to steroid use

We essentially knew this already, but Giambi said it specifically now. I just hope (and believe) he's not using them currently. Now it's time for others [clears throat] (Bonds, Ortiz, Sosa, etc.) to own up to it.

One thing Giambi said I have to take exception to: "That stuff didn't help me hit home runs. I don't care what people say, nothing is going to give you that gift of hitting a baseball."

Obviously steroids increase strength, therefore one can swing wooden bats faster (than someone not juicing), increasing bat speed (a key to good hitting), hence making it ever so easier to (yes!) hit a baseball. That .05 second increase (or thereabouts) in bat speed enables the hitter to see the ball .05 seconds longer. That does help to hit a baseball. And not just hit it, but hit it harder and farther.

Pete Abe who found the story.

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