May 1, 2007

From very high to very low

Phil Hughes was in the midst of a no-hitter in the seventh inning, and ahead of Mark Teixeira 0-2 when he 'tweaked' his left leg.

Before that, he was absolutely dominating, throwing all his pitches for strikes, and only allowed three walks. His pitch count was just 83! And on an 0-2 curve to Teixeira, he grimaced and Posada, Torre, Guidry and Gene Monahan went to the mound, Torre patted him on the shoulder and he left to a standing ovation from the numerous Yankee fans in Arlington.

Un-fucking-believable! Can this team buy an ounce of luck this year?! He better not have a serious injury...

From what I saw, it looked like a tweaked hamstring, which Wang recently returned from. If that's the case, he'll be sidelined for a month or so (probably more because of his longterm value). Looking at the bright side, giving Hughes a month off will help immensely to keep his season inning count below 180 (which the Yanks greatly desire), and it allows guys like Clippard, DeSalvo and Ohlendorf to get major league experience. We pretty much know Hughes will be a success, but the other Triple-A guys are less certain. This also gives more motivation to sign Roger Clemens, who said he'll decide this month which team he's going to join.

Update: Rumor is 'at least six weeks.' God dammit!

Second update: Now I'm reading that a 'pop' can mean a tear of the ACL, MCL or PCL, which are all serious injuries. No, not happening...

Third update: Hughes himself said he would miss at least five to 10 days (two starts). I hope he's right.

Fourth update: Watching the replay, it looked like a pretty bad injury. I'm thinking two months.


Anonymous said...

"Fourth update: Watching the replay, it looked like a pretty bad injury. I'm thinking two months."

Really? You can tell from just watching the replay? All those years in medical school I bet.

Travis G. said...

anon, there's a key word in the phrase I used: 'thinking.' It's an estimate, an educated guess. Talk about nit-picking, jeez.