May 2, 2007

Torre expects

Hughes to miss at least four weeks. If this is (likely) a Grade II hamstring tear, he'll miss four to six weeks. Considering Hughes' age and value, the Yanks will baby him, and give him an extra few weeks to rehab (especially if the rest of the staff is healthy and Clemens returns). So the timetable looks like Hughes coming back between early June and early August. My stomach dropped at writing that, but it could've been worse (like injuring his arm (knock on wood)).

Like I wrote last night, it could be a blessing if it keeps Hughes fresh for the stretch run and playoffs...


mlb1996 said...

Man, was I depressed when I saw him go down last night. But you're right about the injury being a blessing in disguise.

The brass will be cautious w/ him and he'll keep throwing at Tampa to sustain functional arm strength while rehabbing.

He'll be a welcome trade deadline acquisition w/o giving up any players.

Remember when Cano returned last season fresh as a daisy, well I'm hoping Phil comes back locked and loaded. He can be our version of Lackey or Verlander down the stretch, and hopefully, into the playoffs.

Travis G. said...

yeah, i was also thinking of Cano's injury last year. he was the Yanks best hitter after returning. sometimes, an injury actually gives the player time to rest and they come back stronger.

i mean, obviously choosing between Hughes getting injured or not, i dont want him hurt, so i'm just trying to be positive and see the bright side. he could return around the all star break, just in time to help the team when they need him the most, down the stretch, and hold his innings under 180.

one word of advice for Phil: next time, in a 9-0 game, don't try to overthrow!