Dec 13, 2006

Game of the Year Preview

The Giants NEED to win on Sunday.

Giants Offense
12 overall, 8 rushing, 16 passing
Philly D
17 overall, 26 rushing, 7 passing

Philly Offense
3 overall, 4 rushing, 5 passing
Giants D
20 overall, 8 rushing, 9 passing

What scares me the most is Jeff Garcia's elusiveness. Philly's offense is surprisingly good. Conversely, their defense is surprisingly bad.

Prediction: Giants 24, Philly 17

Watching the Carolina game again: What a game (and season) by Fred Robbins! He essentially ended one particular Carolina drive by deflecting a pass, then tackling the RB on a screen that would have gained a first down. They settled for a FG because of Freddie-boy.

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