Dec 5, 2006

Pettitte, Drew and the Gmen

- CNNSI is reporting that Andy Pettitte is close to coming back to the Yanks. I wasn't broken up when he left, but I wouldn't mind seeing him return (for a short-term, incentive laden deal). Houston did not offer him arbitration, so signing him would not require the Yanks to give up their 1st round draft pick. Nice. Career 119 ERA+. 2006 108 ERA+.

- And that Boston and J.D. Drew agreed to a guaranteed 5-year, $70 million deal. Career 133 OPS+. 2006 125 OPS+. Just 2 seasons of 140+ games, and just one season of 500+ AB. Will he become Boston's Carl Pavano? Hopefully.

- Jason Giambi was rated as having the worst range of all ML first-baseman. Andy Phillips ranked 17th out of 45. Other Yanks here.

- Now, regarding the Giants, Tom Coughlin deserves all the criticism he's been getting. The team has little to no discipline. The play calling rarely surprises the opponent, yet the Giants look lost at times. They have trouble tackling, and Eli shows so little consistency that he may never become more than a 'good' QB under Coughlin. Everyone in football knows that Eli excels in the no-huddle offense, but Coughlin refuses to use it until the Giants are getting killed. It's almost like Coughlin and Huffnagel (the OC) are too egotistic to allow Eli that much reign. If front office extends his contract, it will be a big mistake.

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