Dec 18, 2006

Technically, it's not over...

turnovers, bad red zone play, bad D, and half an offensive line.

Ron Rivera (DC for the Bears) would be a very nice replacement as DC or HC.

The season isn’t technically over, but can the Giants win 2 straight?! How about 1? It’s unlikely against the Saints and the suddenly good Redskins.

The story of yesterday’s game was: turnovers, horrible D, red zone ineptitude, Offensive line injuries, and some great throws by Jeff Garcia.

The fumbles were killers, as were the picks. But I won't criticize Eli because the picks were mostly due to pressure.

The Jints had their worst run D of the season, and again displayed horrible pass D. I can recall AT LEAST two long passes where the Philly WR was wide open. I won't kill the run D because they’ve played well virtually all season. The only impact player surprisingly was Demps. Osi did nothing, but Kiwanuka was all-over, and came close to sacks several times. I expect those to become actual sacks in time, when he gains strength and experience.

The Jints had the ball 1st & goal twice and had to settle for FGs! That CANNOT happen to a good team. You need a TD at least one of those times.

Huffnagel DID call a play I haven’t seen before: he sent Big J out wide for a screen pass. It worked and he gained 9 yards. But where was a screen to Moss?!

Petitgout was out of course, as was O’Hara. That enabled Philly to pressure Eli all day. Even Seubert, O’Hara’s replacement, went down for a few plays. If the Jints have a healthy OL, I see them winning this game.

And I give some credit to Garcia. He made a couple perfect throws (doesn’t it seem like Dockery often has great coverage on a WR, but the QB often makes a perfect throw anyway?).

Even is Strahan returns vs. Nawluhns, it won't make a big difference. It’s not like Kiwi hasn’t been playing well, he has. Osi was great last week, but Kiwi outplayed him yesterday. They need everyone back to make the playoffs: Arrington, Toomer, Petitgout, Strahan, Tuck, O'Hara, even Webster.

36-22, Philly (Nawluhns next week. The only exciting thing is getting to see Reggie Bush.)

2: Tiki, 24 touches, 104 yds, 1 TD
2: Plax, 6 catches, 120 yds
2: Demps, 6 tackles, 1 int, 1 sack, 1 pass deflection, 1 forced fumble
1: Emmons, 8 tackles, 1 sack
1: Shockey, 8 catches, 70 yds

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