Dec 6, 2006

Hot Stove II

- Lugo signs with the Sawx. .740 OPS this year. AND it costs Boston their 1st round draft pick in what is supposed to be a very deep draft class. Lugo is a type A, and was offered arbitration by LA. Ouch on the money and losing the pick.

- Lilly signs with the Cubs. 40 years for $40 million. Another ouch. At least Chicago doesn't have to give up a draft pick, as Lilly is a type B. I'm glad Cashman didn't sign him. I want his mediocrity and declining ability far from New York (unless he's pitching against us).

- Andy Pettite is apparently going to pitch next year. He still has yet to decide between Houston and the Yanks. It would be very nice to see back in the Stadium.

- Would Arod consider opting out of his contract after 2007? It's possible, considering the crazy money GM's are throwing around at hitters now. It would be a devastating move, because the Yanks would lose Arod and get nothing in return, not even a draft pick - Boras smartly adds in opt-out clauses which prohibit the player's team from offering arbitration, meaning no draft pick compensation, ala J.D. Drew. Cashman needs to sit down with Arod and find out if he would even consider opting-out and, if so, trade him this off-season to at least get something in return.


roc23 said...

Interesting take on A-Rod. You brought up a good point -- something the A-Rod groupies fail to realize. Everything seems to be peaceful now, but things can change quickly in a year.

If he has another trying year in which he's constantly booed, while delivering another 1 for 15 post-season performance, then he might call it a Yankee career and decide to start over somewhere else. It's possible.

A mid-season trade is always a possibility.

Travis G. said...

The crazy part is that if Arod has a tremendous year, ala 2005, he could also opt-out to get more money. So if he has a bad year and gets booed, he'll want to leave NY. If he has a great year, he'll want more money. The only season in which he stays put may be a mediocre season.

But don't surprised to see another great year - players tend to do that in their contract/opt-out years...