Dec 11, 2006

Jints Still Alive

Excuse me not having a preview. I was super busy this weekend (and had no internet access).

A tough, hard-fought game, where many breaks went the Giants way. They fumbled three times and recovered each one.

They were also helped by Carolina's pass-catching inability, and Chris Weinke's inaccurate tosses. Gibril Wilson picked off two of them, sealing the Giants win, and extending their season at least one more week.

Eli had a roller-coaster day, looking brilliant at times, and looking like a lost rookie at others. He made a few perfect throws to Plax and Shockey, but also threw some duds to Tiki, Carter and Shockey. But the key: 0 interceptions.

Tiki had an excellent game, breaking out of a mid-season slump. Perhaps the O-line is finally starting to gel after the loss of Petitgout. But Big J had a disappointing day, having only 2 of his 10 carries go for positive yards. It's just so obvious to the D where and when he's running that even Jacobs can't bowl over the D. On almost every 3rd and short, Jacobs lined up behind Eli, and the D stacked the line with at least 6 guys. Then Jim Finn shimmied to the right or left, and that's where they ran. If a good D like Carolina knows where the run is going, they can penetrate and bring the carrier down, even the 6'4", 264 lb. Big J.

It was encouraging to see Sinorice Moss have two catches, although he dropped what should have been an easy 1st down late in the game. I kept waiting for Huffnagel to call a screen for him, and when it finally came (when the game was already decided), he just plain dropped it. But I look forward to watching his explosiveness the rest of the year.

As usual, the run D played well while the pass D struggled mightily at times. Rookie CB Kevin Dockey gave up a few long passes, but it was hardly his fault: he was in excellent position, and was only beaten by perfect throws. He also picked off a pass to seal the win. His game is improving each week - he looks like a keeper.

Aside from Gibril Wilson, Fred Robbins and Osi were the D players of the week. I didn't realize how much we missed Osi until today. He got incredible jumps at the snap, in fact, better than some of the O-linemen!

27-13 Giants (1 game behind Dallas with their loss vs. Nawluhns)

Big game against Philly next Sunday.

3*: Wilson, 3 tackles, 2 ints
2: Tiki, 21 touches, 118 yards
2: Eli, 17-33, 172 yards, 3 TD, 0 int
2: Dockery, 1 int, 4 pass deflections
2: Osi, 2 tackles, 1 QB hit, several QB hurries
1: Shockey, 6 catches, 49 yards, 1 TD, 1 fumble recovery
1: Plax, 4 catches, 77 yards, 1 TD
1: Feagles (yes, the punter), 9 punts, 6 inside 20, 0 touchbacks
1: Robbins, 3 tackles, 1 pass deflection

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