Dec 30, 2006

Win and In: Giants-Skins Preview

Which team will show up Saturday night? The freakish, abhorrent team from last Sunday? Or will it be the team that dominated Washington in their first meeting?

Skins O
15 overall (yds/game), 13 passing (passer rating), 7 rushing (yds/carry)
Giants D
23 overall (yds/game), 11 passing, 11 rushing

Giants O
14 overall, 19 passing, 8 rushing
Skins D
30 overall, 32 passing (dead last), 22 rushing

OC John Huffnagel was demoted from play-calling duties, and QB coach Kevin Gilbride will take over. Does Tom Coughlin actually think Gilbride can help the recently inept offense, or is he doing it to deflect blame from himself?

Jeremy Shockey is out of tomorrow's game. One of the receivers will HAVE to step up for the Jints to win. Will it be Shiancoe, Moss, Tyree? (Edit: I suppose Carter could have a big game, but I've basically given up on him. I didn't even think of him when I first wrote of breakout candidates.) Or perhaps Gilbride will go with a heavy dose of Tiki and Big J to wear down the Skins. But knowing he's the QB coach, I expect we'll see Eli airing it out. Washington's D is terrible (3rd to last), so scoring shouldn't be a problem (emphasis on shouldn't).

Shall we look at the injured list going into the season's final game?
WR Amani Toomer
LT Luke Petitgout
TE Jeremy Shockey
OG Rich Seubert
KR Chad Morton

LB Lavar Arrington
DE Michael Strahan
DE Justin Tuck

If this game decides whether Coughlin gets an extension, I'm sorry to say it, but I won't be too disappointed if the Jints lose. They have no chance at making a run in the playoffs, and the long-term success of the team is much brighter without Tom Coughlin. Despite that, I think the Gmen will pull it out somehow tomorrow.

Prediction: Giants 24, Skins 17

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