Dec 22, 2006

Giants vs. Saints Preview

Sinorice Moss will be returning kickoffs against Nawluhns (thank god!).

Nawluhns Offense
1st overall, 28th rushing, 3rd passing
Giants D
20th overall, 11th rushing, 12th passing

Giants Offense
11th overall, 8th rushing, 16th passing
Nawluhns D
12th overall, 31st rushing, 23rd passing

Turnover Differential
Giants +1
Nawluhns -5

The Giants actually have a shot at winning Sunday afternoon. Although they're going against the best offense in football, it will be cold and (probably) windy. New Orleans is a dome team and may have trouble adjusting, especially the passing game.

Antonio Pierce is a defensive genius, and should be able to sniff out some of the Saints' trick plays. With Strahan returning, the Jints should get better consistent pressure on Brees, and that should result in poor throws that - with the late December wind - could wind up in Giants arms.

New Orleans' defense is not good. They're overall rank is rather high only because they're offense is so good that it prevents their opponents from having the ball much of the game. Hence, their yards-allowed per game is rather low.

Anyway, I'm excited to watch Reggie Bush. He could actually be (in time) better than Barry Sanders (with his pass-catching ability). He actually leads the NFC in receptions with 84! Yet he's called a Running Back. Go figure. I was secretly hoping the Jets would get Bush just so I could watch him on a weekly basis. Since I'm going on a tangent, how the hell could Houston take Mario Williams?! He may turn into a great DE, but Bush is a generational type of talent. Not to mention the prestige he would garner for his team, especially compared to defenders who get lost in the shuffle, on offense, a team can decide when and where to get the ball to Bush. He's just a more exciting and marketable player. Tangent over.

This could be a surprisingly low scoring game.
Prediction: Giants 20, Saints 14

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