Mar 31, 2008

All Yankees all the time

Even though that team from the north won the World Series, it's been the Yankees making all the headlines this off-season:

- The end of the Torre Era

- The start of the Girardi Era

- Hank's shenanigans

- The Arod Opt-out Saga

- Is Santana on the way?

- Roger Clemens vs. Andy Pettitte vs. Brain McNamee (aka the Mitchell Report)

- Eliot Johnson/Frankie Cervelli/Shelley Duncan/Jonny Gomes

- A certain comedian fulfilling his lifelong dream of playing for the Yankees

- A heart-warming visit and exhibition game in Blacksburg, Virginia

- Joba the starter vs. Joba the reliever

- Jose Canseco vs. Arod

So finally we get to actual baseball. That was a long off-season, but fortunately it was made much, much shorter by the New York football Giants.

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