Mar 22, 2008

While at my in-laws house in Delaware

I watched some of the Superbowl post-game shows (which my dad-in-law recorded for me while I was out of town). The best part: watching a CSNE (Comcast SportsNet New England) post-gamer, with the hosts lamenting the loss, and then... a commercial advertising Patriots 19-0, 'Perfect Season' memorabilia flashed for about 10 seconds, the screen went black and it cut to another (completely unrelated) commercial. I had a good laugh over that one. Someone back in the control room got a little cocky before the game and put it in there but forgot to remove it. That must've been embarrassing. :D

My favorite highlights aren't the 'Flee to Tyree' or the TD to Plax, but the pressures and hits on Tom Brady. Those I can watch over and over...

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