Mar 30, 2008

Q&A with Cash

The most interesting part of the interview:

"I thought, ‘All right, David Wells was running around that winter [98-99] partying and enjoying himself and he was going to come in out of shape.’ I was like, ‘We’re going to move Roger, bring him in. Bring new life, bring new energy and we won in ’99 and went forward."

Also enjoy knowing how he keeps track of 'bullshitting' agents:
"I write everything down and I crosscheck that information after and I keep a list of who tells the truth and who doesn’t tell the truth and here are the examples. I’ll call out the agents on it. I’ll say, ‘I found out you lied to me. I talked to Joe Blow and they said that’s not true and you said it was and I’m just letting you know I take notes to this stuff. Now I know that you’re a bullshitter.’ Or it builds your credibility. If somebody says they got this and for five years every time I crosscheck the guy’s never been wrong, he’s always told the truth, then he goes up the credibility scale. He’ll be more believable down the line to me when we’re negotiating."

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