Mar 25, 2008

Two errors, and that's the ballgame

The good news: Yankee pitchers did not allow a single earned run today.

The bad news: they made two costly errors that lost them the game. Melky misplayed a pop-fly in the first (admittedly against a tough wind), allowing Grady Sizemore to reach third. A slow grounder scored him. The big blow was a three-run shot by Ryan Garko (unearned because of Melky's error). Then in the 8th, SS Chris Woodward booted a routine grounder - Andy Marte followed up with a two-out, three-run HR off Darrell Rasner.

On one hand, the errors were very playable, and should have been made. On the other, pitchers sometimes need to pick up their fielders.

Unfortunately, Joe G. wants a long-man, of which the three candidates are Rasner, Jeff Karstens and Kei Igawa. All are AAAA pitchers, too good for Triple-A, not good enough for the Bigs. None deserve a roster spot. I'd much rather have a quality reliever who can only go one inning than a mediocre pitcher capable of going five. Ohlendorf is a prime candidate for this spot: he was a starter his entire career until late last season and has enough 'stuff' to be an effective 1-2 inning reliever.

PS: Patterson has to make the team.

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