Mar 23, 2008

Will Horne replace Joba?

If the Yanks really are set on moving Joba back to the rotation mid-season, they would want someone to fill his relief role. There are the usual suspects: Farnsworth, Hawkins, Bruney, Ohlendorf, Edwar, Patterson, etc., but the guy I see actually having a chance to be a dominant 8th inning guy is Alan Horne. He'll likely be the ace of the Scranton rotation, and was ranked behind only Kennedy and Joba (by BA) as a Yankee pitching prospect.

Like Joba before him, Horne could be converted to reliever mid-season, just as Joba is converting back to starting.

This has a far greater likelihood of occurring than hoping/waiting for a true reliever to step into that role, e.g. Sanchez, Melancon, Cox, who may not even hit the majors until 2009.

(Thanks to RAB for the Post link.)

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