Mar 29, 2008

This is OUR team

Pettitte starts the season on the 15-day DL (he'll rejoin the team a week from Saturday, just in time to make a start), no long reliever - eight relievers in fact (only four starters), and an abundance of corner-infielders.

Patterson deserved a spot over Albaladejo (and Bruney), but seeing as he's pitched just three innings above Double-A, it's understandable. When Pettitte comes back, Alby most likely gets sent down.

The other surprise is the absence of Brett Gardner, but again, he needs to prove himself a bit more in Triple-A before being given a roster spot. I do expect him to be an important reserve in the second half as a defensive replacement and pinch-runner.

I applaud Girardi for going against his previously stated desire to carry a long-reliever. All three candidates (Igawa, Rasner and Karstens) were outperformed by most, if not all the short-relievers.

- Excellent season preview over at THT.

The season starts in roughly 60 hours...

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