Nov 12, 2007

The beginning of the end?

Yesterday's match was eerily reminiscent of last year's match against Chicago. The Giants entered both 6-2, had leads in both matches (at home), and blew the lead both times. The Jints went 1-6 after that loss.

Hard to say which play was more crushing: the Jacobs TD run called back because of holding, or Ahmad Bradshaw's kickoff return to the 8 called back because of holding? Both were killers. If either of those plays aren't negated by penalties, the outcome is much, much closer.

Most of the blame falls on the Giants biggest weakness, the secondary. Watching two DBs flail in the direction of Patrick Crayton at the end of the first half was just plain sad.

In some ways, next week's match is even more crucial. How the team bounces back (or doesn't) in Detroit will signal the direction of the rest of the season. Will it duplicate 2006's collapse, or can Coughlin instill enough fire and confidence to stop another slide? The second half schedule is much tougher than the first half.

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