Nov 30, 2007

Oh shit

Hughes is part of the Santana package. Say it ain't so Brian. Hopefully this is just a ploy to get Boston to add more into the pot.

From the article:
"He was just starting to get that late life back at the end of the season," one AL scout said Friday. "I think the leg injuries had a lingering effect. He was at 91, 92 (mph) after he came back, instead of 94-95. It cost him some explosiveness, and I've gotta believe it will come back next season. The impressive thing was that he was able to win anyway."

And why was Dave Eiland named pitching coach if not to help the young'ins (he was Trenton's pitching coach during Hughes' phenomenal '06 season and with Scranton this year)? Acquiring the lefty Santana, they may as well have just kept Guidry.

Or maybe if Andy Pettitte could make up his damn mind already, we'd be in a better to position to trade (or hold) the youngsters.

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