Nov 16, 2007

Rivera holding out, Molina back, more ranting

- So Mo's demanding a fourth year huh? Well, at least he's coming off a career year... oh wait, he is coming off a career year, a career worst year. What the fuck is he thinking?

- In the same article, Molina will return. Finally, a solid backup who can rest Jorge for 30+ games.

- Back to the Arod bullshit. How can Cashman be so smart with the prospects (Hughes, Joba), drafts (same) and trades (Unit, Sheffield), yet so dumb with the mega-contracts for aging stars (Posada, Arod, Lowell)? Maybe Posada won't become an albatross, but I'm certain that Arod and Lowell will. Look at Damon, after just two years no one wants him. Do I have to mention Pavano, Giambi and Igawa? I guess that's part of the reason Mo wants a four-year deal. He sees these guys (Arod and Posada) getting mega-deals (for their ages) and figures why should he be left out. It's understandable, but those guys are younger, less injury prone, play almost everyday and (to their credit) are coming off career years.

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