Nov 1, 2007

You've spoken

- On who should manage the Yankees next year, and the vast majority of you agree with me: Girardi is a great choice.

An overwhelming 71 % chose Girardi. Mattingly was second with 18 %, followed by Dave Miley at 5 %, and Tony Pena and Buck Showalter with 2 % each. No one wanted Bobby V.

- After looking at Torre's use of relievers the other day, it would only be fair to compare it to Girardi's. Doing the same three searches (for just 2006, Girardi's only managerial year), we come up with:

Most innings by an NL reliever in 2006 -
The first Marlin is ranked at 28th (Matt Herges with 71 ip), followed by Borowski at 33rd and Randy Messenger at 49th. Zero Marlins in the top 27, 3 in the top 50.

Most Total Pitches by an NL reliever in 2006 -
Zero Marlins in the top 16, 3 in the top 50.

Games -
Zero Marlins in the top 21, 2 in the top 41.

Girardi's percentages are much better in terms of abusing relievers. On average, since there are 16 NL teams, their players should appear 6.25 % of the time. Instead it's lower, at 5.8 %.

Thanks to BRef.

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