Nov 5, 2007

Lincecum for a 'good bat'?

- According to FOX Sports. How about Tabata and A-Jax for Lincecum? Yeah, not enough in my opinion, but you never know with crazy Brian Sabean.

- Damon for Joe Crede? No thanks. Crede has a career OBP of .305. Ugh. He's great on defense, but not not enough to make up for that putrid OBP. He's marginally better against LHP but when accounting for Damon's speed (which Crede is completely devoid of), you can't make that trade. Now if Cash thinks Gardner or A-Jax aren't far off (they'll start 2008 in AAA and AA respectively), and considering Crede is four years younger, maybe it does make sense. We have a glut of OFers and a need for a righty third-baseman.

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