Nov 29, 2007

Would they really do that?

Would Minnesota really take four B players from Boston for the best pitcher in baseball? ESPN is reporting that they are discussing the 'framework' of a deal. The players include Coco Crisp (28), a light-hitting speedy centerfielder, southpaw Jon Lester (24), and two prospects, AAA middle-infielder Jed Lowrie (23) and RHP Michael Bowden (21) or Justin Masterson (22). Crisp is owed $10 million for the next two years and is currently in his peak with a career .738 OPS! Lester has a career ML whip of 1.57! Lowrie is already 23 and has decent minor league numbers, but has NO speed at all (14 steals in 283 games)! Bowden got killed in AA! And Masterson is a pretty good minor league pitcher.

Jesus, these guys aren't even close to the reported Yankee package of Kennedy, Melky and Ajax/Tabata. Our guys are younger, farther ahead for their ages, with much higher ceilings who will cost a lot less money.

I'm hoping this is just Boston and Minnesota's method of trying to pressure the Yanks into panicking and giving up more than they want to (Hughes). If the deal does happen, it'll just cement the idea that the whole state of Minnesota is one big farm system for Boston teams (Garnett to the Celtics, Randy Moss to the Pats, Johan to the Sawx?).

- The upcoming Mitchell Report will name names. Good - I want to know.

- I closed the Arod poll. The winner (with a plurality of votes) was 'Guy doing what he thinks is right' with 32%. The odd thing is that this choice was dead last until he 'came back' to the Yanks to start negotiations for the $275 million deal. Before that, 'Douchebag' was the leader - it finished second with 23%. Despite the recent love for Arod, the overall anti-Arod choices destroyed the one pro-Arod choice, garnering 68% of your votes. I still stand by 'Prick'. Thanks for voting!

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