Apr 23, 2007

Another Arod masterpiece wasted

4-5, 2 HR, 3 rbi, and another loss because the pitching staff stinks. At least tonight it did. I know Tampa has a good offense, but 10 runs?!

And what the hell is with Torre pulling Igawa after just 4.1 innings? You want to further destroy the bullpen? Joe, let someone take a beating so the pen can rest. I don't care if it hurts their ego or they have to throw 110+ pitches, at this point, it HAS to be done.

Arod cannot be stopped. It's truly amazing. Even his teammates were in awe after his 9th inning HR that pulled the Yanks within two.

Joe Girardi commented that Giambi's baserunning mistake (not scoring on Cano's single) was huge - it wasn't, but it, combined with everything else, was huge: Melky failing to catch that ball that skipped off his glove for a double; Posada's line drive out with Arod on 3rd; Damon's pop-out into the first row of seats with the bases juiced; and mostly the FOUR double-plays grounded into. All were killers.

It's tough to win - even with this offense - without any pitching, and the only reliable guy right now is Andy Pettitte. Chien-Ming Wang is making his season debut tomorrow, which should (hopefully) stabilize the pitching.

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