Apr 19, 2007

Fun Series

I've been extremely busy the last few days, so I'm just catching up on the DVR'ed games now.

First off: Arod does it again! I was away from a TV for the latter half of today's game, and after checking Gameday, saw the Yanks were trailing 6-3 in the 9th. I thought, Damn, it's over, we're two games behind Boston. Alas, when my wife and I got home, she told me the Yanks had won. I asked if she was sure. She said she saw the score on the internet. I flipped on YES and Joe was talking about pitching. They went back to the main guy at the desk (forgot his name), and he said it was Arod's second walkoff homer of the year. Get the fuck outta here I thought. And I checked the internet: 8-6 Yankees. Awesome.

Anyway, going back to Tuesday's game, Chase Wright pitched just all right. His best pitch was his changeup, and it kept Cleveland hitters just enough off balance to allow him to last five innings. Wright allowed one HR in 120 innings in Single-A last year, and in his third inning of his major league career, allowed a HR. Of course, there's a difference between Single-A hitters and Travis Hafner.

Fortunately, the offense exploded in the second inning, jumping all over Jake Westbrook for seven runs, including Minky's first HR, Arod's eighth, and Posada's second. The bullpen held on for a comfortable win.

Wednesday's game featured Kei Igawa's third start, and he has improved every start this year. Yesterday, six innings, five hits, just one walk, and two runs.

Another offensive explosion, including HRs from Arod and Giambi, three hits from Jeter, and two each from Abreu and Josh Phelps. The pen pitched three hitless innings.

Today's game seemed like a sure loss after Victor Martinez smacked a 3-run shot off Luis Vizcaino - who had his first poor outing of the season.

The Yanks trailed by four runs going into the bottom of the ninth, only to mount a six-run rally capped off by Arod's two-out 3-run HR for the win.

For fun, if Arod continues to hit like he has, his final stats will look as such: 116 HR, 636 TB, 301 rbi, 197 r, 174 k, 81 bb.

Elias says:

Sean Henn was the winning pitcher on Thursday against the Indians, earning the first victory of his major league career -- just as Chase Wright and Kei Igawa did in the first two games of the series. The Yankees became the first team in major league history to sweep a series of three of more games with all three winning pitchers recording their first major league victories.

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