Apr 7, 2007

Three pathetic starts

Three games so far, and the starters have pitched a total of 12.1 innings! When did the whole staff turn into Jaret Wright? I'll assume Mussina's 85 mph fastball is mostly a product of the cold weather (so that I can rest easier).

Giambi’s 0-5 with 6 runners stranded was a killer.

Who'd have thunk Kei Igawa would have a realistic shot at making the first start of 5+ innings (not withstanding Wang's injury)? Not me.

At least Sean Henn looked solid. And Phil Hughes pitched well in his first AAA game: 5 ip, 2 er, 6 k, 2 bb.

6-4 Baltimore

2*: Henn, 3 ip, 0 r
1: Matsui, 1-3, 2 r, rbi, bb

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