Apr 5, 2007

Here I've been...

planning a move to Philadelphia (work related), looking only for places where I could attach a satellite dish to get the Yankee games on Extra Innings (because DirecTV was going to be the sole carrier). MLB announced they have also reached an agreement with iN Demand, which is carried by most cable companies (including Philly's big one, Comcast).

The housing search would have been much easier without having to ask every seller if a dish could be attached to their house/condo. Oh well, the more options the better. I do have to give some credit to MLB on this one - I never thought they'd get a deal done with the cable companies. Now what about the NFL and Time-Warner?

PS: We don't have a house yet, but an offer is being made soon. Even without the benefit of adding a dish to this (specific) place, it's still our favorite in Philly (in our price range).


Gabe said...

Where In Philly?..i live here and was very happy to hear the news last night about Comcast getting the MLB ticket.

Travis G. said...

Not certain yet. Maybe Fairmount, maybe Queen Village, maybe Center City or Chestnut Hill. We almost bought a place in Old City but it fell through. Where do you live? What areas do you like?