Apr 20, 2007

Hughes, Sanchez & Forbes

- After Phil Hughes' poor outing last week, he bounced back with a stellar performance against Syracuse, striking out 10 in six innings with two hits and no walks.

Ross Ohlendorf also had a great six inning (one run) stint yesterday. Scranton's pitching rotation is definitely improving, and I expect at least a few of the pitchers to be "major-league ready" by May or June. So look forward to that!

- Unfortunately, another ML hopeful, Humberto Sanchez, the top prospect in the Gary Sheffield trade, underwent Tommy John surgery and will miss the rest of the season. Even though Cash Money knew about Sanchez's injuries, he must not have thought they would be this bad. Of course, guys can come back from TJ surgery throwing harder than they did before, e.g. Kerry Wood, Tom Gordon and Billy Koch.

- Forbes Magazine estimated the value of the Yankees at $1.2 billion. Damn. And that's not even counting the YES Network.

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