Apr 11, 2007

Farnsworth melts down

How do you walk the leadoff hitter and fastest runner on the opposing team in the 8th inning of a tie game? It wasn't even close - four straight pitches! And then Torre took him out after he'd already given up four runs... the game was basically over then, why not let Farns just finish the inning instead of using another bullpen arm? Either take him out after he gave up the first run or let him (struggle through and) get all three outs. Anyway, he walked Luis Castillo, who promptly stole 2nd on the next pitch (credit to Posada who almost nailed him), and then scored on a Joe Mauer single.

Farnsworth's velocity was barely hitting 92 (perhaps his arm still isn't 'there' yet), but Bruney has a good shot to overtake him as the 8th inning guy very soon (as in Friday night in Oakland).

Our vaunted lineup somehow made Ramon Ortiz (of the career 4.84 era and 93 era+) look like Johan Santana. Abreu could've easily had a three-hit night (he hit three bullets right at defenders), and Cano and Giambi looked lost (0-7 combined).

The worst part is that a well-pitched game from Mussina (who left with an injured hamstring) and Henn was wasted by the anemic offense and Farns' meltdown.

This team has become the walking wounded: Wang, Karstens, Matsui, and now Moose. Who's not injured? Igawa, Pettitte, Pavano - that's it from the spring rotation. Fortunately, no fifth starter is needed this time through the rotation, but who will take over Mussina's spot? If Karstens is healthy (he's scheduled to come off the DL on Monday) he'll probably make Moose's start (Tuesday vs. Cleveland) - the other contenders being Darrell Rasner (4.1 ip, 10.38 era) and Sean Henn, who pitched 3.1 innings tonight and has a season era of 1.12 (over 8 innings).

5-1 Minnesota

3*: Pitchers except Farnsworth, 7.2 ip, 1 er
1: Damon, 2-4, r, sb
1: Arod, 1-3, 2b, rbi

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