Apr 22, 2007

Damn you baseball gods!

This was all on the pitching staff and those ever flip-flopping baseball gods. The Yanks hit at least three bullet line drives that would have resulted in runs - and all three were caught (two by Nieves and one by Phelps). If they fall in, the Yanks probably score nine runs instead of six.

Talk about easy fans - Boston gave Matsuzaka a standing ovation for allowing six runs in seven innings! Wow. And I thought standing O's were reserved for noteworthy performances...

Anyway, the good news is that we faced Boston's top three starters and hammered all of them (20.2 innings, 15 earned runs), despite missing Matsui and Posada for all but three at-bats. Boston only hammered the minor league Yankee starters (Karstens and Wright), while Pettitte pitched very strong on Friday night (six innings, two earned runs).

Luck just wasn't with us in this series. All three games could have gone either way. The Yanks could just have easily done the sweeping than been swept.

Fresh start tomorrow against Tampa Bay, and Wang is supposed to return for Tuesday's game.

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God, you're an idiot.