Apr 5, 2007

Pettitte's first game

Live game blog -
Nice opposite field double by Arod. Those are the hits we all want to see him getting (and know he can). May it continue for the rest of his Yankee career.

Pettitte escaped big time trouble in the 2nd - Upton tried to score from 3rd on a wild pitch, but made a poor decision as the ball got away only a few feet from Posada, who flipped to a sprinting Pettitte who tagged Upton for the third out.

Post game -
Ugly, ugly, ugly. Message for Joe: Minky is not fast enough to bunt him to 2nd.

Another poor starting performance. In two games so far, the starters have gone a combined 8.1 ip. Pitiful. Not even a full game! And Luis Vizcaino, grooving a 2-0 fastball to Iwamura, and eventually giving up the lead before retiring a single hitter?

How could Abreu not get a sac-fly in that situation (bases full, 1 out, down by 1)? And Arod was just a hair late on a 95 mph heater that would probably have been a grand slam had the pitch been only 92 mph.

7-6 Tampa

2*: Cano, 3-5, r, rbi
1: Matsui, 2-5, r, 2 rbi

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