Apr 11, 2007

King Felix and Chase Wright

Both utterly dominant (albeit on two very different levels) last night.

Seattle's Felix Hernandez vs. Boston, 9 innings, 0 r, 1 h, 2 bb, 6 k

Trenton Thunder's Chase Wright vs. Double-A Harrisburg, 7 innings, 0 r, 1 h, 1 bb, 10 k

Hernandez is in the majors at 21, whereas Wright is in AA at 24. Wright should hit the Bronx sometime next season.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a anon but I don't wanna take the time.

Doubting on Wright hitting the Bronx in 08 we gave others ahead who are better and others nearly even(a+) who are better.

Travis G. said...

i know about all the guys ahead of him, but the fact that he's lefty (while ALL the other top prospects save one are RHP) will help him move up much faster (not to mention all the injuries: Melancon, Cox, Joba, Garcia, Sanchez).

considering he's pitching better than any Yankee farmhand right now (and won the FSL Cy Young last year), he has a good chance to finish the year in Scranton (as a starter or reliever), from there, it's just a couple hours drive to the Bronx.

i'm not saying he'll be a starter in NY, but he could be a good long-reliever or lefty-specialist that takes over Myers' or Henn's role (k'ed LHB at 10.73 per 9 and allowed ONE HR in 120 ip overall in '06) fulltime in 09 (obviously with a few ML games next year). all my opinion of course.

mlb1996 said...

It wouldn't surprise me if Wright leapfrogs over the more heralded guys at Scranton to get the first shot at the majors. He's really not that far away from the show. And the fact that he's on the 40-man is an important factor.

Given the fragile state of big league pitching, if he continues pitching like he can't be denied, then he won't be denied.