Apr 26, 2007

The good

Five k's, one walk and no HR in 4.1 innings. Debut over. The 'Huuuughes' chant when he left the game.

The bad -
Seven hits, four earned runs, and velocity that dropped to 91 tops in the 5th inning. Hughes' starts will rarely top six innings, so more stress on the bullpen.

Johan Santana's first year era? 6.49.
Bartolo Colon? 5.65.
Greg Maddux? 5.52.

Plus, Hughes always takes 2 to 5 starts at each new level before he adjusts - after that, watch out! Now that he's in the Bigs, I hope he gets the chance to pitch 4+ games so that he does adjust and can help this team the rest of the year. If his innings get too high, skip his starts when need be.

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