Sep 18, 2006

Beckett Escapes

Saturday Game 1: That's how I would title a book based on this game. He walked 5 guys and gave up 4 hits, but escaped because of 2 double-plays. Damon's bases-loaded GIDP was the turning point. Beckett was on the ropes...

Wang didn't have his great stuff either. He was constantly falling behind hitters. He just couldn't put the ball where he wanted to consistently.

At least Brian Bruney looked good - not just good, phenomenal. After walking the first 2 batters he faced, he k'ed the next 5! He's quickly replacing Villone as one of the primary set-up men.

But the story was squandered opportunities. The Yanks went 0-7 with risp. You won't win many games like that. I can't say how many 'just missed' good swings they had, but it was a lot.

2*: Bruney, 1.2 ip, 0 er, 2 bb, 0 h, 5 k
1: Giambi, 1-2, 2 bb
1: Bernie, 2-2
1: Cano, 1-3, 2-run HR, bb

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