Sep 26, 2006

Break Out

That was some first inning. 2 HR, 6 runs, 2 ejections, 2 infield hits, and some fine defense. Tampa's manager and pitching coach were tossed for arguing balls and strikes. Frankly, the pitches that upset them were balls. They were borderline, but they did miss.

From a distance, the turning point would seem like Abreu's 3-run HR in the first; but it really may have been Damon falling behind 0-2 only to get hit by a pitch, unnerving Seo, who proceeded to walk Jeter and serve up Abreu's bomb.

It was nice to see the potential this offense has. They jumped on Seo early and often, hitting 2 3-run HRs in the first inning. It's something they need to do in October. They must take every single pitch and at bat like it's their last. If they stay focused, 1 through 9, this offense should put up a lot of runs in the playoffs, even against elite pitchers like Johan Santana.

Should Jaret Wright be the 3rd starter? He should obviously be #4 at worst, but his era is 4.39 compared to Randy's 5.00. Randy's back is hurting now too. He's going to skip his last regular season start - his next game will be in the LDS (it looks like he'll start game 3 or 4).

16-1 Yanks (tied with Detroit for best AL record)

3*: Wright, 6 ip, 1 er, 5 h, 4 bb, 4 k
3: Abreu, 4-4, HR, 3 r, 4 rbi
2: Matsui, 3-4, HR, r, 4 rbi
1: Jeter, 2-4, 2b, 3 r, bb
1: Arod, 2-3, 2b, r, rbi, bb
1: Cannizaro, 1-1, HR (first of his career), 3 r, rbi, bb

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