Sep 19, 2006

Sun. Game 2

A great start by Mussina was wasted.

I was listening to the radio near the end of this one, and Suzyn Waldman was saying how the hitters against Myers kept stepping out of the box to mess up his timing. They know him from his Boston days, so they know how to fuck with him apparently. Mirabelli stepped out at least once. Myers plunked him. And Pedroia stepped out three times. Myers threw a 55-foot wild pitch to let the tying run score.

In the 8th, Crisp made an incredible catch robbing Posada of a HR. That was the turning point. That catch saved 2 runs.

Farnsworth entered in the 9th, and promptly gave up a double. It wouldn't have been so bad, but Posada made a poor throw to first on a bunt, allowing Crisp to beat it out. And Bernie threw a 3-bouncer to home on a shallow flyball, allowing Boston to take the lead. Even an average outfield arm nails Joey Cora there.

With Timlin closing for Papelbon (injured shoulder), Damon singled in the 9th, but he was never brought home. Arod just missed a fastball, hitting a mile-high pop-up.

Bad relief pitching (3 ip, 3 er) and defense from the Yanks, and one great catch by Boston. That's the game. Thank god these games are so meaningless or I might've punched the TV.

5-4 Boston

2*: Mussina, 6 ip, 2 er, 7 h, bb, 7 k
2: Posada, 2-4, 2b, 3 rbi (just missed a 2-run HR)
1: Abreu, 1-3, 2 r, bb

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