Sep 28, 2006

Not a Bad Lineup

Last night was the first preview of the primary October lineup.


It's an incredibly patient and balanced lineup - only 2 spots are back-to-back lefties/righties: 9 Cano & 1 Damon. It's amazing to think that the eventual batting champ may be our #9 hitter. And that the MVP may be #2!

I'd like to see Damon & Jeter be a bit more patient: Jeter's first 2 ab last night encompassed only 3 pitches, both outs.

Should Arod be the cleanup hitter? If Sheff starts to hit, and it looks like he is, I'd rather have him #4 and Arod #6.

Wang pitched just ok, giving up 4 runs in 6 innings. But he's now 19-6!

16-5 Yanks (3 game lead over Detroit for best AL record, due to their loss to Toronto, and having the tiebreaker over them)

3*: Giambi, 3-5, HR, 3 r, 4 rbi
2: Posada, 2-4, HR, 2b, r, 4 rbi
1: Arod, 2-3, 2b, 2 r, rbi, bb
1: Matsui, 2-2, 2 r, rbi, 2 bb
1: Cano, 1-3, HR, r, 3 rbi
1: Abreu, 2-3, HR

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