Sep 9, 2006

O's Light Up Lidle

The worst outing by far of Lidle's Yankee career. 1.2 ip, 6 er! In his defense, several of the hits were seeing-eye singles. But his curve wasn't curving, and he didn't even stay in the game long enough to establish his fastball to set up his change-up.

Erik Bedard held the Yanks in check, especially Abreu and Giambi. Not many positives from this one except: Jeter extended his hitting streak to 18 games, the longest of his career; Jeff Karstens had another fine outing, 5 ip, 1 er; and Boston lost to KC.

Karstens hit 91 mph, his fastest fastball of the season. His change reached as low as 73. He had probably his best stuff of the season (bearing in mind I didn't see his last start vs. Minnesota). His fastball, ranging from 84-91 was sinking with occasional pinpoint control, his change was as good as always, and his curve was fair, which he only threw a handful of for lack of need: his fastball and change were enough; he only threw 3-5 curves.

SS Andy Cannizaro, called up from Columbus to fill the 40-man roster, got an infield single in his first big league at-bat. His career batting average is currently 1.000.

Boston lost another tough one. They came back from an early deficit to take a 9-8 lead, only to have Timlin blow the save with 2 outs in the 9th. Beautiful!

9-4 O's - Magic Number 14

2: Karstens, 5 ip, 1 er, 1 h, 2 bb, 2 k
2: Wilson, 2-3, HR, 2 r, 2 rbi, bb
1: Melky, 1-3, r, bb

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